Using previous sets

Obviously, the deals and sets of deals made on this site will be so exquisite, you'll want to keep them forever - sharing widely with friends and family. Here's how you might do that:

Save deals from the list view

The deal viewer can list every deal in your set on a single web page - just click on the deal number. Most web browsers let you select and copy deals from this compact list to your system's clipboard.

From your clipboard, card-by-card copies of any deal can be shared by pasting into emails, greeting cards and other documents. The holdings will accurately reflect any changes made to the deals in the viewer or editor.

This way, you could even extract deals and maintain a free-standing library of text files containing collectable sets. Deep joy!

If your browser copies deals' sequence numbers from the list, copy from the editor (see below) instead. Sequence numbers don't appear there.

Importing deals from sets made earlier

The page that lists all deals in your set offers an option to edit those deals. Also, the main menu serves up the edit page if you opt to work with sets made previously.

On the edit page, anything goes - type, copy, cut, paste and use whatever other wiles you want. Pasting is best for anything more than a couple of deals.

Rules governing the format of deals:

The seat sequence is North, East, South and West. The suit sequence is Spades, Hearts, Diamonds & Clubs.

Local storage in your browser

Users of modern web browsers have another option. Watch this space.