About the deal slicer

How to use it

This is where you pick the types of deal you want to explore. Just tick a box to 'slice' deals containing that particular feature. When a box is clicked on or off, the number of deals you've sliced (top left) is updated. Tick more features and when you're ready, click on that number to view sample deals from the underlying set. What could be easier?

What it shows

The page's centre column determines which tick boxes appear on the right. Click on a bullet point's text to explore its features.

On the right-hand column, three bits of information follow each tick-box:

  1. the feature you can select e.g. a number of HCP or a particular shape of hand;
  2. in brackets is the percentage of seats, pairs or deals sharing that characteristic; and
  3. the number on which the percentage is calculated.

Additionaly, the right hand column's heading shows the sum of that feature's selections.

The page's left-hand column shows the boxes you've ticked, growing as you tick more. You can switch-off boxes here.

Some points to note: